Edit Logo Object- Colors, Resize, Save It

December 5, 2017     admin    

  • Change the color of the logo object, resize, save in different format.


    Download and upload object to the editor.

    Download logo object from Logoobject.com. Unzip the file in your computer choose SVG file and upload to Gravit Designer.

    Change colour of the object parts.

    Double click on the part where you like to change a colour. On the menu in the right find fills and change a colour then click enter.

    Resize object.

    Holding left mouse button select object and background together, click right mouse button select group selection. In the menu on the right find size before you change a size select keep ratio button in the middle than change object size.

    After when you change a size of the object click blank space on the editor. In the right corner of the menu, you will see page size and button on the right trim canvas click on it. Zoom in to see the object. Zoom top menu on the right.

    Save Object.

    Save object in different format, top menu on the left select file then export and choose your format done.

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