How To Edit logo element Files :Software and Online Tools

Gravit Designer

Gravit editing program is available as a browser based application / software download. It offers various options inĀ  free and paid versions.


CorelDraw can edit vectors logo object in all format using a various of graphic tools. This paid editing software requires a one-time purchase.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator vector editor considered the industry standard, with an several choice of tools to import, export and edit vector files in EPS, AI, SVG, PDF and more formats.


Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor. This software can be used to create XML Editor for direct manipulation of the SVG ,XML, EPS and more.

Files Provided With Purchase


AI Adobe illustrator, vector-based format. Color format AI - (CMYK)

EPS graphics file format used in vector-based images. Color format EPS - (CMYK)

PNG lossless raster format. Color format RGB with - high resolution

SVG Scalable vector graphics format. Color format SVG - RGB color format.

PDF Print files and web-based documents. Color format PDF - (CMYK)

Video file helps you easily edit logo by your self.

Text file with a link to the font used in your logo.

Rights and copyright to the purchased logos.

Custom Logo Design

We will create a stunning logo design for you.

Frequently asked questions

Waht is non exclusive logo license

You can be assured that you'll have a completely unique and professional brand because each logo element will be customized along with your own text and colors. Logo elements with no exclusive license, will be sold 10 times.

Waht is exclusive logo license

Exclusive logo element, only sold one time. Once you have purchased a exclusive logo element, it can no longer be purchased again. You will own exclusive rights and full copyright to your purchased logo element.